What is Acne Inversa? Acne inversa is known as a chronic inflammatory skin disorder which can appear soon after puberty. Acne inversa is a serious chronic inflammatory skin condition, which occurs after puberty. Acne Inversa is sometimes recognized as Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS). Acne Inversa is not contagious. This site provides information about acne inversa from how it is caused and be treated and who is most likely to suffer from acne inversa.

Can Genital Acne Inversa Be Passed?

Although genital acne may cause physical pain or discomfort, it cannot be passed from one person to another, as a sexually transmitted disease (STD) can. It is usually temporary and easily remedied.


        Genital acne is categorized by pimple-like bumps in the genital region, not wart-like lesions or bumps (as with STD-related occurrences).

        As with facial acne, genital acne is exacerbated by severe sweating. Anyone who engages in regular physical activity, especially activity involving friction between skin and clothing, may be more likely to have clogged genital pores.
    Other Names

        Genital acne is sometimes referred to as "acne inversa" or "hidradenitis suppurativa."

        Shower regularly and wash using antibacterial soap, especially after rigorous exercise. Loose clothing can also help by allowing airflow into the genital area.

        Genital warts caused by herpes are unrelated to genital acne. Having genital acne does not mean that you have an STD.

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