What is Acne Inversa? Acne inversa is known as a chronic inflammatory skin disorder which can appear soon after puberty. Acne inversa is a serious chronic inflammatory skin condition, which occurs after puberty. Acne Inversa is sometimes recognized as Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS). Acne Inversa is not contagious. This site provides information about acne inversa from how it is caused and be treated and who is most likely to suffer from acne inversa.



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None of us has ever experienced the outbreak of acne at least once after their puberty. Many assume that the outbreak of acne is the most dreaded skin infection since it causes pain and destroy our skin texture. But they did not know that acne inversa is more painful skin disease that exists.

It is known as a chronic inflammatory skin disorder which can appear soon after puberty. It is usually called Hidradenitis suppurativa.

It isn't inverted acne! It generally begins in places that there's skin-to-skin contact, like armpits, the surface of the inner thigh, the groin as well as beneath the breasts. 

Additionally, It may develop in the area wherever sweat and oil gland is found. Much like acne, the inflammation of acne inversa could be related to infection that, subsequently, might cause pus to form. 

What may cause it aren't yet recognized. It develops whenever sweat glands become blocked, often by sweating or simply because incomplete development causes it to become difficult to allow draining adequately. 

The trapped body fluids usually are then forced around surrounding tissue, leading to inflammation and infection. People with curly hair, like those of African origins, are at a greater chance of getting acne inversa. And in-grown hairs can predispose an individual to getting it, as well.

It frequently starts after puberty and once affected, stays for a longer time. Nearly all people who experienced are between in their 20's and 40' with women thrice as more as susceptible than men. 

It cannot be cured and very painful. Acne inversa is very uncomfortable and stressful which many folks who are suffering from it say.


A skin disease that affects areas with apocrine sweat glands and hair follicles such as the groin, armpits, breasts and buttocks. The condition is marked by persistent, painful abscesses and may continue for years with occasional flare-ups.


It is a non-contagious and reoccurring progression of painful, deep-rooted abscesses that are extremely painful to the touch. The cluster of lesions is often inflamed and result in severe scarring. The abscesses may range in size from the size of a pea to about the size of a baseball. 

Acne Inversa Symptoms include:

 * red, inflamed, painful bumps in the armpits, groin, or under the breasts
* these bumps become pus-filled and break open


Because it condition has not been studied in much depth, the causes of acne inversa are not certain. A theory on inheritance is that it may be a result of a genetic predisposition within the family, involving a genetic disorder that alters cellular structure.


It often goes undiagnosed because a patient is uncomfortable with asking others about his/her condition. The condition is also very often misdiagnosed by physicians and left without proper treatment.

Potential theories on indicating acne inversa for diagnosis are:

  * is more prevalent in females than males
  * may be a genetic predisposition within families
  * bacterial infections associated with the abscesses
  * androgen dysfunction
  * stress and hormonal abnormalities
  * possible association with other autoimmune disorders 


With no existing cure or single effective treatment, methods of managing the condition are often dependent on each patient’s unique circumstances. Some methods include diet and lifestyle changes, medications based on symptoms, and surgical procedures like drainage, radiotherapy and excision or laser surgery.

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